About project

About the project

In the very center of Vilnius, in the historical square of Naugarduko, at the intersection of Pylimo and Naugarduko streets, a 14-apartment house with commercial premises has been buit. Apartment sizes vary from 39.63 sq. m. to 86.66 sq. m.

Residents of "Naugarduko namai" have access to all city center benefits including festivals, convenient transportation, sophisticated cafes located nearby etc. At home residents are able to enjoy peace and quiet as a cosy courtyard with playing area for children, different plants is done.

Residential parking lot will be located under the building, in an underground garage. To avoid unpleasant smells, household waste containers is being placed there as well.

Construction of this project has been finished in the end of 2018, while all the finishing details were completed in 2019.

Project developer Turto Akademija Ltd. is a real estate management and development company that purposefully and rapidly develops its activities. After analysing current needs of the consumer, the company strives for providing high quality product that matches the latest real estate market trends. The company already successfully develops a third residential and commercial housing project in the Old Town of Vilnius.

Implementing its projects, Turto Akademija Ltd. seeks to create a sustainable environment, implement the newest technologies and use only an environment friendly and high quality materials.